This photo courtesy of Ellen Ross.


 What could be more idyllic than an outdoor wedding in Vermont?

Whether in the mountains, by the lake, on a hill, or in a meadow, many couples choose to be married under the sky and in the open air. But finding musicians who will play outdoors can sometimes be a challenge. Wooden instruments can be damaged by moisture, direct sun, or cool or hot temperatures. Large instruments can be hard to transport to out of the way locations, and can be extra risky to expose to the elements since they’re difficult to pack up and move if the weather should shift.

Flute can be an ideal choice for outdoor weddings. As a metal instrument, it can withstand most weather conditions, and I now also have a plastic flute which has a sound that I’m quite happy with, so flute can now even be an option in the rain. The sound of the flute can carry great distances and its compact size makes it possible to transport anywhere and move easily if weather conditions change. If you are absolutely committed to an outdoor wedding no matter what, and are not able to provide shelter for the musicians, solo flute may be a good option (for temperatures above 45 degrees).

If you’re interested in an ensemble option, this is definitely also possible with clear communication and advance planning!  In fact, for most of my ensembles, the vast majority of weddings we play are outdoors.  In most cases, when wooden instruments are involved, we would need assurance of protection from sun, any moisture, and high winds (above 10 mph).  In some cases, I can provide shelter from sun for the wooden instruments, with a sun umbrella, provided there are no high winds or significant rain in the forecast. In all cases other than solo flute, a backup location that is sheltered will be critical, together with the understanding that the musicians have the option of moving to a sheltered location on short notice in response to changing weather circumstances. Policies vary depending on specific instruments involved, but often a covered porch or open doorway nearby can make all the difference.


This photo courtesy of Jason Tivey

I look forward to hearing about your wedding plans, whether indoors or out!

(Outdoor music is an option from mid-May through early October, provided that if there are wooden instruments involved, there are backup options for extreme temperatures, and sheltered options for in the event of high winds or precipitation in the forecast. Please contact me for further information about specific instrument combinations)