East Hill Winds: Flute with Oboe

East Hill Winds is a flute/oboe duo – or trio with piano – with Lisa long time colleague, friend, and neighbor Sandra Cathey. Sandra’s playing has been described as “compelling and with an amazing finesse.” She has performed as principal oboist for the Vermont Philharmonic from 1969 to 2010, and principal oboe for the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra since 2009. Sandra has also taught oboe, clarinet, and recorder since 1968, and Kindermusik since 2000, in addition to 20 years as a public school music teacher.  Her greatest joys are teaching music, and playing with friends in small ensembles. “My earliest memories are dancing to Tchaikovsky and singing myself to sleep at night. I was introduced to the recorder in 4th grade, and fell in love with wind instruments, later adding the private study of clarinet, oboe and English horn.  As I continue to play music and teach, I am overwhelmed by the impact that music has on children and adults alike, mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel honored to be a part of their journey.”

“I found your music to be perfect for my husband’s and my special wedding day. It truly captured the grand traditional sound with the softness of something a little different.”

Olivia and Andrew