This is the perfect time of year to start requesting photographs from past weddings and think about those warm summer months! It’s such a pleasure to think back on those extraordinary moments I’ve had the priveledge of being part of.

I’ll start here with Tanya and Dean’s wedding from last September.

Wedding Location: Green Mountain Inn, Stowe Vermont (

Photographer: Orah Moore (, website: or Many thanks to Orah for the use of the photograph below.

Tanya and Dean’s music selections were quite unique! I love the balance of weddings I play – some really prefer the traditional favorites, which is always great, but maybe half the time, couples make unique choices.

I love the process of assisting with figuring this all out – in understanding a person’s musical preferences I really do feel like I come to know them, at least in part, and can often get to a point of finding the piece they’re looking for without them quite knowing themselves what they want. This definitely happened with Tanya, and it was great fun to help figure out what would create the perfect musical atmosphere for her, Dean, and their whole family.

Tanya and Dean chose solo flute for their wedding music. (Click here for more info about this or other options).Here are the specific selections Tanya chose:

Prelude: a mix of classical with broadway tunes and a few 1980’s pop tunes

Seating of the Parents: “How Great Thou Art”

Processional for the “Junior Bridesmaid,” Tanya’s Daughter Danielle: “Castle on a Cloud” from “Les Miserables”

Processional for the Maid of Honor: “If We Hold On Together” from “The Land Before Time”

Processional for the very special ring bearer, son Devin: “You Are My Sunshine” (I had to play this one through several times – 2-year-old Devin wasn’t so sure he wanted to go the whole way all at once!)

Tanya’s Processional: “All I Ask of You” from “Phantom of the Opera”

Meditative Moment during the ceremony: “The Rose” by Amanda McBroom

Recessional: “Do You Hear the People Sing” from “Les Miserables”

I almost always seem to cry at weddings (fortunately never while I’m playing). I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house for this one. I find I’m dripping on my cat (she’s sitting in my lap as I’m typing)  just remembering it. The thoughts Tanya shared in making her music selections remain with me and make it clear how personally significant her musical choices were. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it!