Winooski Valley District Festival audition requirements for flute, as of fall of 2014 are explained fully on their website – click here for their full scoop.

Quick summary:

Major Scales – All scales (C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab,G,D,A,E)  are memorized, articulated (not slurred), performed 2 octaves, at a minimum metronome setting of q = 80, as (rhythm as  illustrated on page 3 of this link): Partial points are allowed for major scales not performed at minimum required range.

Chromatic Scale – The two octave chromatic scale (C to C for flutes) will be played from memory, in triplets at a minimum metronome setting of quarter note = 80, in a continuous slur.  Partial points are allowed for chromatic scale not performed at minimum required range and/or tempo.

Repertoire is listed below – all pieces are from the Concert and Contest Collection edited by Voxman and published by Rubank. Click below for links to recommended YouTube video samples. (As of this writing – September 2014 – I am beginning with the Bizet and hope to update this with additional links for future repertoire).

2014: Menuet from L’Arlesienne by Bizet

2015: Pan by Donjon

2016: Siciliana and Giga from Handel’s Sonata 5 in F

2017: Scherzino by Andersen