Repertoire lists for Ensembles offered at are below. If you don’t see your piece on the list, for some groups and some pieces it may be an option to add it at no extra charge, and for others, there may be an additional fee of between $50-$100 per selection. The Short List provides options that we find work particularly well for wedding ceremonies:

Flute Violin Duo Repertoire or Short List Flute Violin Duo Repertoire 

Flute Viola Duo Repertoire or Short List Flute Viola Duo Repertoire 

Turidae Flute Harp Viola Repertoire

Turidae Flute Violin Viola Trio Repertoire

Flute Violin Cello Trio Repertoire or Flute Violin Cello Trio Repertoire Short List

(note: the flute, viola, cello repertoire is almost identical to the flute, violin, cello repertoire – but I’ll be making some additions shortly)

Please note: different harpists have very different repertoire. You’ll need to access the specific list for a specific person.

Flute Harp Repertoire with Mariah Carlson-Kirigin

Mary Fran Stafford is particularly well versed in Catholic Ceremonies, and also has a lovely soprano voice. Additions of hymns and other tunes beyond this list (below) are likely:

Flute Harp Repertoire with Mary Fran Stafford

Vocals with Flute and Piano Repertoire (please note: this ensemble is particularly interested in and open to your suggestions – this list is intended only to give a brief sampling of options – contact us for additional thoughts regarding options)

Flute Piano Repertoire, Solo Flute Repertoire, and East Hill Winds Flute with Oboe Repertoire are coming soon in May 2016!