“Excellent! The best teacher I’ve ever had! Everyone must take music lessons from Lisa!”  Cathy 

“I’ve taken private flute lessons with five other teachers in my adult life – all really good players – but you helped me more in one free trial session than any of the others ever had.” Nina

“There are no words that could possibly convey to you my deep thanks for all these years of teaching Amelia flute. Your efforts have always been above and beyond. Because of it, I believe Amelia will always have flute playing in her life! Thank you so much!”    Kimberly

“You have given Lauren much in the world of music, but more importantly you have helped to give her that magic of “child” which she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Your patience, humor and stories led to an outstanding flute choir performance last spring. For all of your students, music is never competitive, but only love. For me, this aspect of music is the most important of all. I have also learned much from you, and because of it I am not only a better teacher, but a better parent as well.” Ruth Einstein, violinist/teacher/parent

“I guess when it comes to great folks, hard-working, committed, and devoted music lovers and children lovers, you come to mind at the top of the list.” Judy Sanger, former director Monteverdi Music School

“The value of a lesson with you is immeasurable. When Heidi started playing in third grade I never dreamt she’d be at this point.”    Ann Cookson

“My daughter started flute when she was just five, and I can’t believe the progress she’s made in under two years! Lisa showed amazing patience with a wiggly, energetic kid, and really worked with our family to make lessons a positive and rewarding experience for all of us.” F.M.

“Lisa is a creative, patient, and talented teacher. Lisa makes the lesson fun for young children (our daughter had just turned five when she started). Lisa provides organized, thoughtful instruction that motivates her students. Our daughter has an under-bite and Lisa worked with her to overcome the challenge and maintain her excitement to learn to play the flute! We highly recommend Lisa.” Rebecca

“One of the best things I have done in retirement is to start taking lessons from you. You are so patient, helpful, and fun to be with.” George

“Lisa is awesome, awesome, awesome! For energetic, easily distracted children she knows how to engage them and keep them on track. She uses incentive stickers, charts and world records to make learning fun. Lisa communicates well through her website and lesson reminders which I so appreciate. My daughter has been taking lessons for the last year and a half and her flute playing sounds beautiful!” Lynne

“Thank you for so many years of wonderful guidance. Much love,”  Nina

“Thank you for everything you do. I really enjoy taking lessons with you and realize how much I have improved because of your help. It is always a pleasure to study with you!” Christel

“Thank you for being my flute teacher. I’ve been having a blast playing flute.” Merill

“Thank you for being such a wonderful flute teacher!! I learned a lot from you about the flute and my playing. You are always very patient and kind. Working with you has really made my love for flute grow.”  Katie

“As fate and fortune sweep me onward, I find I’ve really come to like the flute and become a fairly decent player, with no small thanks to your great teaching. Thank you.” Robbie