Suzuki Flute Group Classes

DSCF0064Suzuki Group Classes are an integral part of learning to play the flute with Suzuki philosophy. Students attend both private lessons and group classes. At the core of Suzuki philosophy is the kernel of thought that learning in music is, at its best, directly comparable with the process involved in learning your native language. Suzuki Group Classes provide a context of the culture from which the learning of the language can grow in the most optimal and enjoyable way.

Making music together is an ultimate human experience, at any age or level. It’s also a powerful tool for inspiring growth and learning, and developing skills of tone, intonation control, rhythmic confidence, musical nuance, and, in a broader sense, awareness of a role in community and the interdependence of individuals. In short, Suzuki’s aim was nothing less than to help children develop into “noble human beings” with a beautiful heart and spirit. Suzuki Group Classes are often the earliest group playing experience, but often continue to very advanced levels. In the past, I have offered Suzuki Group Classes through Book 5 which have included advanced teen players who grew up with the Suzuki Method. I currently Suzuki Groups at the beginner level and through Book 1. In the fall of 2013, I expect to have three groups, including a beginner group, an early Book 1 group, and another for Book 2 students. It is my hope to continue to expand to new levels. I also offer other flute ensembles  of a variety of levels as a supplement for Suzuki students, or as an alternate group experience for traditionally taught students.