Intermediate and Advanced Students

Lisa’s advanced students have done very well in a variety of competitions, auditions and ensemble placements. Some have started performing professionally as young teens. She’ll take you where you are and help you achieve your interests and potential. (Click here for more info about online lessons from anywhere in the world).

Intermediate and advanced students often come to lessons with a clear understanding of their interests and goals. Some may wish to successfully audition for placement in an orchestra or other ensemble, or to do well in a high school competition, or to develop the skills to perform professionally. Others may wish to play alone or with friends or at church services or personal occasions informally while knowing they are progressing to higher levels of capability.With all students, a primary goal is to establish fundamental elements of flute playing, from ever increasing layers of use of tone quality awareness, control, and expressive tonal variation, to technical elements such as posture, hand position, breath control, sight reading and music theory. With that foundation, the true joy of expressing oneself through the flute will be increasingly possible and enjoyable.

Truly the greatest joy in a music teacher/student relationship is in finding ways to communicate that ethereal detail of emotion in music which is otherwise often virtually inexpressible. Lisa brings a wealth of communication strategies, from imagery, a wide variety of angles on verbal communication, to body language, demonstration, and recommendations of professional recordings. But the best communication depends on establishing a relationship of trust, where the student’s interests and passions build new imagery, with the music truly becoming a vehicle for expressive details which give a fresh glimpse, to both student and teacher, into the music.

Repertoire chosen will depend on the strength of the student’s foundation, and on the student’s interest, but there will be a wide variety of options. If the student is inclined toward a career in music, some specific ground of etudes and repertoire will need to be covered, but there will always be choices available. For students not planning on a music career, selections will be based on the student’s preference and teacher recommendations within the limitations of that student’s fundamental capability.

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 “Excellent! The best teacher I’ve ever had! Everyone must take music lessons from Lisa!”  Cathy

“I’ve taken private flute lessons with five other teachers in my adult life – all really good players – but you helped me more in one free trial session than any of the others ever had.”  Nina 

“There are no words that could possibly convey to you my deep thanks for all these years of teaching Amelia flute. Your efforts have always been above and beyond. Because of it, I believe Amelia will always have flute playing in her life! Thank you so much!”    Kimberly