Flute Lessons For Adults

I’ve taught adults who began in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s, as well as intermediate to advanced adults of all ages, both privately and in ensemble. It’s been a tremendous inspiration to me to experience first hand that it’s never too late to fulfill a life-long dream or start a brand new area of interest! Many adult beginners do go on to become accomplished musicians. Many find tremendous enjoyment in the pursuit of music making as they play informally with friends and family. Whatever your age, level, interests, or goals, you will find support for your enthusiasm! If you have questions, please contact me. Lessons are available in my Montpelier, Vermont studio or online to anywhere in the world with a good quality computer and internet connection.

“One of the best things I have done in retirement is to start taking lessons from you. You are so patient, helpful, and fun to be with.”       George

“Thank you for everything you do. I really enjoy taking lessons with you and realize how much I have 
improved because of your help. It is always a pleasure to study with you!”     Christel
“You’re never too old, and rarely too young, to˜Twinkle”                                      Shinichi Suzuki