It has been my priority over my years of teaching to bring flute students together for the joy of group music experiences. Over the past year, one of the groups I have led has been a small group of very enthusiastic intermediate students ranging in age from 10 to 14. It is my hope to now expand this group’s enthusiasm to create two levels of larger flute ensembles for young flutists who are ready for the experience of playing together in a formal flute choir setting.


For my mission statement regarding The Green Mountain Flute Choir, which will include The Green Mountain Youth Flutes, please click here. For the Green Mountain Youth Flutes, I hope to have an introductory level (good control of tone, beginning to establish confident rhythm and sight reading skills) and a more advanced group (confident tone, intonation, strong reading skills, etc) that would be in training to join either the advanced adult and teen ensembles listed on the Green Mountain Flute Choir page and/or a local youth orchestra or other future ensemble of choice, depending on student interest. Please check back for updates as these ensembles progress!