Think how easily a young child learns a new language and compare this with how cumbersome it can be for adults. Adults will simply never duplicate all the nuances of brand new language without having experienced the language as a child. A young child will quickly absorb a new language or accent and reproduce it almost effortlessly.

Music is a language. When a young child begins an instrument with the Suzuki Method, pressure to succeed is absent. Teaching will involve steps tiny enough to ensure that every new element is learned fully in order to fulfill the primary aim of developing the child’s self-esteem and excitement about seeking and accepting ever greater challenges. As Dr. Suzuki states, we, as parents and teachers, must “come down to their physical limitations and up to their sense of wonder and awe.”

Children can begin formal training as early as age three. With the youngest children, parents make the commitment to learn along with their child initially. It is a significant commitment for parents, involving daily practice, creativity in assisting the child to find joyful experiences in the daily practice routine, playing the Suzuki CD and other recorded music each day, and communicating with the teacher to prevent obstacles and promote a joyful and constructive learning triangle between parent, child and teacher. This may sound like a huge undertaking, but the rewards are deep and irreplaceable. Research and experience indicates that you will see your child growing not only through musical capability, but in greater physical coordination, neurological connections in a variety of subjects, concentration, enhanced memory, and emotional and spiritual understanding. In addition, sharing the joy of music in a daily practice routine can enhance the bond between parent and child.


Please see the blog entry “What Is the Suzuki Method?” for an overview of the Suzuki philosophy and approach. You will also find a listing of recommended reading materials. It is strongly recommended that parents, or parents to be, considering starting lessons for a young child, read these materials. Send me an email or give a call for additional thoughts and preparation ideas!


“My daughter started flute when she was just five, and I can’t believe the progress she’s made in under two years! Lisa showed amazing patience with a wiggly, energetic kid, and really worked with our family to make lessons a positive and rewarding experience for all of us.” F.M.


“Lisa is a creative, patient, and talented teacher. Lisa makes the lesson fun for young children (our daughter had just turned five when she started). Lisa provides organized, thoughtful instruction that motivates her students. Our daughter has an under-bite and Lisa worked with her to overcome the challenge and maintain her excitement to learn to play the flute! We highly recommend Lisa.” Rebecca


“Lisa is awesome, awesome, awesome! For energetic, easily distracted children she knows how to engage them and keep them on track. She uses incentive stickers, charts and world records to make learning fun. Lisa communicates well through her website and lesson reminders which I so appreciate. My daughter has been taking lessons for the last year and a half and her flute playing sounds beautiful!” Lynne