Private flute lessons are now available online from anywhere in the world! After 30 years of teaching local Vermont students, while I continue to maintain a vibrant studio in Montpelier and am now also teaching in Lebanon, New Hampshire, I am expanding my studio to include private students from anywhere. I have taught flute students from Florida, Arizona, Texas, and many other locations, so I believe it is safe to say that anyone with a good internet connection can have access to quality instrumental music lessons from your own home.

Here’s a recent testimonial from a current student (additional testimonials from online students at the bottom of the page):

“I’ve taken a dozen lessons with Lisa, and I am “blown away” by her attention to detail and ability to explain how to have an excellent tone and better musicality, all the while being inspiring and encouraging. I’ve played flute for years, have had 5 teachers, paid twice as much, and gotten more from Lisa in virtual lessons than from my locally based teachers. I’m an amateur who recently performed with confidence and a well projected sound for the first time ever. Thanks, Lisa.” Rae

It is my experience that I can tell as much about flutist’s positioning, areas of tension blocking tone, and other details of flute performance, and give feedback as effectively to most flutists, teaching through a remote internet connection as in person. I do recommend online lessons primarily for adults or teens, though children somewhat younger may do fine with parental support. For the youngest kids, lessons in person with a local teacher are generally preferable – but pop me an email if you’d like to discuss the options.

If you’re looking for flute lessons with an experienced flute teacher, and either do not have options locally, or wish to explore options available from the convenience of your home, online flute lessons with Lisa may be the right step for you.

Here’s a brief video highlighting my teaching philosophy and some student performances from my student recital of spring 2013:

Please click the following link for logistical information about preparing for your online flute lesson, including information and links regarding checking your internet speed and other set-up details you can complete ahead of time to ensure optimal success and the best use of your lesson time.

And finally, you can do an online music lesson with the basic built-in web cam and speakers, but I highly recommend a quality set of headphones – this will definitely significantly improve the audio quality and therefore the overall experience. Many students do fine on today’s computers without, but I believe your ability to develop tonal discrimination will be optimized by the headphones. I currently (2015) own the Sony MDR7502 Professional Stereo Headphones as well as the Logitech Webcam C920. I find both to be very high quality, specifically and consistently recommended by the platforms I am using, and reasonably priced. I am sure there are other options and there are new possibilities all the time. The webcam can be somewhat helpful in ensuring that the sound I receive is as accurate as possible, though I have found that I’m able to discriminate between your actual sound and any distortions that might be happening as a result of the online experience, so this is not critical for the student’s experience. Please do check that any webcam purchases are compatible with your computer if you decide to go this route.

I look forward to meeting you online!

If you’d like further information about my teaching approach, please check the links on my Private Lessons page!

Here are additional testimonials from online students:

“She was an amazing teacher! She answered all of my questions and showed me a ton of things to help improve my tone. I would recommend her to anyone who plays flute and needs help.” Alexander

“My daughter was very nervous about the lesson and having to play for someone. Within the 1st 30 seconds, my daughter was relaxed and laughing with Lisa. She had a great time and wants to continue…. she’s really excited about improving her skills on flute and looking forward to her next lesson!”  Vicki

“Lisa Carlson is a talented musician and a wonderful teacher. She is astute and perceptive, and always knows just what to say to help me. Best of all, she is unfailingly kind and generous. Take lessons with Lisa– your music will be better, and your day will be better as well.” Allegra

Click the following link for additional testimonials from flute students of all ages and levels.